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Excellent Quality and FREE? Indeed!

Posted on: 11/15/2009

When I first discovered digital scrapbooking and starting checking out sites that gave things away for free, Shabby Princess was one of the first sites that really caught my attention.  Lots of sites give some things away for free.  However, many of these are either low-quality full-size kits or decent mini-kits.  Shabby Princess is neither of these.

Happy Go Lucky by Shabby Princess

Every couple of months, Shabby Princess releases a brand-new kit and gives it away for free.  The quality is fantastic, the style is eye-catching, and the colors are incredibly easy to use.  Make sure you sign up for their e-mail newsletter so you can know when a new kit comes out.

Also, they have some truly great kits for sale which include calendar kits with which you can make your own custom calendars using your photos.  I highly recommend this site for both free resources as well as quality kits for sale.

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