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After Five Designs – True Art

Posted on: 11/15/2009

Occasionally, in my endless search for something unique in digital scrapbooking, I come across a site that truly stands out.  After Five Designs is in my top five picks for favorite places to pick up hot new digital kits.  As far as the forum goes, it is a bit limited in scope as it does not seem to offer much in the way of tutorials.  But like most people who probably visit After Five, I don’t go there to learn about digital scrapbooking techniques.  I go there to get inspiration and check out the latest trends.

They sponsor a monthly challenge called “On the House” that offers a decent freebie mini-kit.  At the store, you’ll see a lot of kits that seem more feminine than masculine.  There are a lot of floral accents and a good deal of the color schemes lack the kind of contrast that I would prefer to see in a well-rounded kit, but the pieces are top quality and work well together.  I have several of their monthly collaboration kits and am always impressed with how well the papers and elements fit together.

Two recent outstanding kits are shown below.  The 5×7 album quickpages are designed to be uploaded to a photobook site and are exquisitely designed.

Count On Me Album

The Red Wine kit gives you an idea of the feminine aspect of the designs on this site.

Red Wine Kit

Overall, I have to give After Five Designs a thumbs up for quality and innovative digital designs.

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